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Rubbish to Published: Worldbuilding made easy – Writing Stream Recap

Last stream we continued our Rubbish to Published series, where we start from absolutely nothing and create something “publishable.”

We created an outline in the previous stream, so this time we took the next step: worldbuilding.

One of my favorite quotes is: “The difference between reality and fiction is that fiction has to make sense.” This was said by author Tom Clancy, and it’s so true. In reality, whatever happens, happens; you don’t need to convince anyone. But when creating a fictional world, you need to make sure that it makes sense, otherwise your readers will reject it.

The way we do that is by worldbuilding. We make sure the world we’re writing about has an internal logic to it.

My favorite way to worldbuild is to start at the macro level, then go down to the micro level, coming up with cool details along the way. And always asking two important questions: (1) how did it get like this? and (2) why does it matter to the story?

You can see what we came up with for our worldbuilding here:

Click here to see the worlbuilding for our story.

Worldbuilding was pretty easy, since we’d already come up with so much information in the previous sessions.

But still, there were a lot of great surprises today. Even when we thought it might not be important to start at the top level (“world/continents/nations”), we actually found out a lot about our story by filling it in. Definitely take a watch at the links below if you missed it!

After that we moved on to today’s prompt, and chat voted for this one submitted by DannyMethane: “‘Nicole’ is the one who murders the people, in the morning Nick has no memory. Only a bloodstained wig and the taste of cherry lipstick.”

This was one that made me a bit worried at first, since I wasn’t sure how to take it in an interesting way. But once we started building our Idea Toolbox by asking questions, particular the question “Who is Nick?” we started getting some great ideas.

You can read our story here.

If you want to join us and help write a story by trolling in chat, or share your own writing for feedback, then we’d love to have you. We stream on Twitch every Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday at 7:30pm-9:30pm (U.S. Eastern Standard Time).

And you missed the stream, you can still watch Rubbish to Published or the writing prompts on YouTube, or watch the full stream on rerun until Twitch deletes it.

Hope to see you next time, friend!

Scott Wilson is the author of the novel Metl, forthcoming November 2018.

Featured image: GAHAG

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