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Photo & Haiku Friday: Chair Socks

There’s a lot of crazy stuff in Japan. Crazy cool, crazy beautiful, and just plain old crazy.

So every Friday I’d like to show off a small sampling of that craziness with a photo I’ve taken while living here and adorn it with a lovingly crafted haiku poem. I’ll bribe my wife to add her own inspired poem as well, and if inspiration hits me in the balls then I may include a Japanese one as well.

Here’s this week’s photo, taken at a 100-yen store nearby our apartment:


My English haiku:
Hey man have you heard?
Chair socks – they’re like socks for chairs
Chairs get cold feet too

Abbey’s English haiku:
Oh so elegant
The chair socks, fuzzy and warm
Now let’s try them on

My Japanese haiku:

(An old woman with no children)
(Puts socks on a chair)
(It will never grow up)

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