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Writing Stream Recap: Dreaming about pregnant Harry Potter

Last writing stream certainly brought out some, uh, creative stories!

We started off with a writing exercise where we got a random word, and used it as our topic (our word was “contact”). Then we get five more random words and had to use them at some point in the story. Because nothing quite gets the creative juices flowing like having to connect seemingly-unrelated ideas.

After writing three different opening sentences and the chat picking the one they liked best, this is what I wrote (bolded words are the random words).

I was attracted to her right away, I had to get her contact information. I was shopping at my local grocery store, and saw her in the health foods aisle. Among the dozens and dozens of untouched packages of pre-shredded cauliflower, she held one in her hands, considering it. The only other bag that had left the shelf in days was in my basket.

If she was even thinking about buying that stuff, then I knew she was my soul mate.

But before we got married and had five kids and ate cauliflower rice and baked cauliflower-crust pizzas every day, I had to find a way to talk to her.

I slowly slid to the side, inching closer to her, pretending like I was looking at all the different brands of Quinoa. Not making any sudden moves to scare her off was essential, but I needed to break the ice.

“That’s some high quality stuff you got there,” I said. I made sure to look away from her, face directly at the merchandise, and avoid any possibly predatory eye contact.

“Excuse me?” she said. Oh, she hadn’t heard me. I could fix that easily. I just needed to speak louder. I took a deep breath.

“THAT’S SOME HIGH QUALITY STUFF YOU GOT THERE!” I screamed at the bags of Quinoa. Much better. Now she had to have heard me. I was basically depositing the words directly from my mouth into her ears.

The woman didn’t say anything. Maybe she still somehow didn’t hear me? I turned to the side, daring to finally look.

She was gone. The bag of shredded cauliflower she’d been holding was back on the shelf, hastily placed upside-down and backwards.

Oh well. If she wasn’t going to buy it anyway, then our relationship would’ve never worked out. It’s better for our kids this way.

To the side, I heard the rustling of a bag of one hundred-percent corn chips. A woman had picked them up and was examining them. Oh. I just so happened to have a bag of my own in my basket.

It was time to make contact.

It ended up quite different than what I expected from the first sentence, or even what I expected from the topic of “contact.” But that just shows how once you start putting words down on the page, your brain can take off in ways you never expected.

After the exercise, we voted on a writing prompt. I managed to write about a dream I had last night about very concerned fathers-to-be Harry and Draco. Is dreaming of Harry Potter slash fanfiction a sign of something? Should I be concerned?

If you missed the stream, you can still watch it here on rerun for a few weeks until Twitch deletes it and see the story for yourself.

And if you want to join us and find some inspiration with exercises, troll me as I try to write, or share your own stuff for feedback, then we’d love to have you. We stream on Twitch every Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday at 7:30pm-9:30pm (U.S. Eastern Standard Time).

Hope to see you next time, friend!

Featured image: Loss and Pain (A Harry Potter Fanfic)

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