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Worst Date Ever: Drug Dealer Surprise! – Writing Stream Recap

For the last stream, it was Valentine’s Day here in Japan, so we decided to have a love-filled stream.

For the exercise section, that meant dredging up memories from my past and writing about one of my worst dates ever. We’d done this before a few months ago, and it was a lot of fun; plus I still had plenty more bad dates to write about.

The chat voted between three choices, settling on “drug dealer surprise” as the story I’d write. It was a bit hard remembering all the details from high school, but I think I did a fairly good job:

Writing Stream Recap: Hamster Samurai

Over the past couple streams, whenever we browsed the Writing Prompts Subreddit, lots of people in chat would suggest even better ideas for prompts than the ones we were choosing from.

So for our most recent stream (with special guest Abbey), we decided to go ahead and create our own writing prompt, and then write it.

To help with that, we came up with a formula for creating a good prompt: normal idea plus twist equals prompt. For example, robots take over the world (normal idea) plus ducks (the twist) equal the prompt: “A.I. robots have taken over the world but have formed a pact with one species: ducks.”

This was a good exercise not only to come up with a prompt, but also for any story you want to write. We’ve all read sci-fi adventures, time travel mishaps, and romance drama novels before, so having a good twist to hook the reader can really make your story stand out.

After coming up with a bunch of fun prompts, we narrowed it down to these three:

Stingray devours tank-mate squid at Japanese aquarium, shows what nature is really like 【Video】

Nature isn’t all flowers and kittens, as my pick for the SoraNews24 article this week shows: Stingray devours tank-mate squid at Japanese aquarium, shows what nature is really like 【Video】.

As soon as I saw this tweet, I knew I had to write an article about it. It’s not so much the shock of the video that made me want to do it, but rather the message behind it: nature is brutal.

As humans, we live in houses with air conditioning and refrigerators, and it’s very easy to detach ourselves from the world around us. Zoos and aquariums especially are specifically engineered to make nature look more appealing to us humans.

So when we come in contact with something that’s actually natural, like a stingray preying on a squid, it scares us. But in nature, things that are horrible atrocities to humans — things we call murder and theft — are common. In fact, they’re how most species survive.

I enjoy things that poke at our sense of cognitive dissonance, and this video does a great job of it. Plus that little girl’s face at the end is priceless.

Featured image: Pakutaso

W.T.F. Japan: Top 5 most famous pet dogs in Japan 【Weird Top Five】

This week for my RocketNews24 W.T.F. Japan article, I wrote about the top five most famous pet dogs in Japan.

When I started planning this article, I originally wanted to do “top five most famous pets.” That was a mistake!

There were way too many famous cats, dogs, hedgehogs, monkeys and more for me to fit them all in one article. I didn’t want to cut any of them short and do another “top fifteen” either, since these pets all deserved to have plenty of pictures and videos posted of them in the article.

So I decided to go with the category that had the most members: dogs. If people like this one then I’m sure we’ll see the lists for other species someday, but for now we’ll start with these furry, easily-excitable friends.

Not much else to say except get ready to follow a few more animal accounts!

Read the article here.