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Keiko is a modern day dark fairy tale I wrote in fall 2013. It had been one year since I’d returned to the U.S. from working in Japan, and I still had a lot of complicated feelings toward Japan that I hadn’t dealt with. Keiko was my way of finally expelling them, peeling away the emotions that had coiled their icy selves around my insides.

Loneliness, disillusionment, and how a friend can make it all better – or worse – are among the themes present in Keiko. It was one of those stories that literally came to me in a dream, and when I woke up, I started writing and didn’t stop until it was finished.

Keiko was published in the winter 2013 edition of Cigale Literary. The page has since closed, but you can read it here.

(Featured image via GAHAG, edited by me)