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SoraNews24 Articles

I’ve been writing for SoraNews24 (previously known as Rocketnews24) as a daily author/editor since December 2014. I get to bring Japanese/Asian current events, social media explosions, and funny videos of cats to a Western audience.

In addition to my regular articles, I also write “W.T.F. (Weird Top Five) Japan” where I count down the top five items in a “weird” theme, such as “Top 5 unique Japanese toilet functions” or “Top 5 most difficult kanji.” You can see the whole series here:

W.T.F. (Weird Top Five) Japan

I’ve written hundreds of articles for SoraNews24, but here are some of my most popular ones, or articles I really enjoyed writing:

Most Popular
Bandai to release life-like posable plastic figures to help you draw “realistic” epic poses
Boy entering all-girls high school creates real-life harem anime
Forget dog-earing and bookmarks that fall, make easy origami bookmarks instead!
Japanese company helps child organ transplants by giving toys donated limbs
Japanese dad teaches daughter how to handle alcohol, has Twitter in tears
Japanese Twitter celebrates new “Muslim Lolita fashion” trend
Japanese Twitter user’s comics depicting office-lady life will hit you right in the feels
New magnetic “slate” lets you write on actual paper, digitize your drawings in real-time

Japanese Culture
Japan’s biggest yakuza organization tweets that Halloween is cancelled this year
Japanese high school boys hold annual beauty pageant, look as cute as ever
Japanese university “otaku class” is strict: “You must watch 20 anime per week”
Only in Japan: Rent a hot guy to make you cry then wipe your tears away
We tried Tokyo’s “rent a middle-aged Japanese man” service, and it was awesome!

Japanese Language
Only one out of five Japanese people can pronounce these hiragana — can you?
Say sayonara to “sayonara” – 70% of Japanese people don’t use this word for goodbye
Seven mistakes foreigners make when speaking Japanese—and how to fix them
The science behind why English speakers can’t pronounce the Japanese “fu”

Articles I’m Particularly Proud Of
Americans support Okinawa, locals ask “Why doesn’t Japanese news show this?”
Beautiful, tear-jerking tributes to late Nintendo president Satoru Iwata
Creepy abandoned Japanese amusement park is open and waiting to devour your soul
The five-patty Lotteria burger wasn’t big enough, so we made a 35-patty burger instead!
Winning poems from otaku haiku contest hilarious, hit way too close to home

LOL Cute Animals
Japanese cats join couple every night for beautiful meals, cute photos
Shiba Inu stuck in a bush is so cute you’ll soil yourself!

I also briefly wrote the weekly series “Learn Japanese through Ridiculous Manga” (link below) where I taught the Japanese writing system through funny comics. Drawing comics with a mouse in MS Paint ended up being a lot harder than I thought, but I learned a lot and it helped me get started on my W.T.F. Japan series.

Learn Japanese through Ridiculous Manga

(Featured image via SoraNews24)