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Month: March 2018

Alone at the Carnival – Writing Stream Recap

For the last stream, we decided to try out a new exercise: writing about one small action in excruciating detail.

To do this, we picked a simple action (ie: paying for groceries, shaving a beard, etc.) and then described it using at least 500 words. Doing so forces you to go into extreme detail and show off lots of visuals, sounds, and smells that you might otherwise leave out. Plus it’s also good to practice slowing down the pacing in writing.

Together with chat we came up with a bunch of ideas, and then this one is what was voted for: sitting alone at a carnival.

Here’s the 500 words of crazy detail that we wrote about for it:

A Parental-Supervised Sushi Date – Writing Stream Recap

For the last stream, we did one of my favorite writing exercises: swapping a half-written story with someone and finishing it.

We did this a few streams ago, and this time faithful viewer Reversemanwolf volunteered to participate. We both began with the same auto-generated sentence, then wrote for half an hour, swapped stories, and finished the other’s story.

The sentence we started with that chat voted for was: “I hear Nancy is very pretty.” Here’s the stories we came up with: