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Writing about writing about streaming about streaming – META Writing Stream Recap

For the last stream, we did a different sort of exercise: we held a discussion about what type of emote subscribers to our stream should get.

We were recently invited to join the Twitch Affiliate program, and one of the benefits is a subscriber emote. To decide what to go with, we brainstormed ideas the same way we brainstorm for a story: by creating an idea toolbox.

We asked a bunch of questions about the goals of the emote, came up with some answers, and narrowed it down. We still don’t know exactly what we’re going to go with, but it should end up being something that’s fun to use.

After that we moved on to today’s prompt, which was a pretty crazy one….

The chat voted for this one submitted by oppositewerewolf: “A talented, unfocused writer watching a writing stream on twitch struggles with fear of rejection.”

Well this got real meta real fast! The prompt was submitted by viewer reversemanwolf, and even though we don’t usually go with prompts submitted by viewers, it was a slow day so we decided to have some fun.

Writing this actually ended up being a really good exercise. We started writing in one direction, realized that wasn’t where we wanted to go, and then backtracked a bit and fixed it before we got too off track. I think it ended up really well, and is probably a story that a lot of people can relate to.

You can read our story here.

If you want to join us and help write a story by trolling in chat, or share your own writing for feedback, then we’d love to have you. We stream on Twitch every Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday at 7:30pm-10:30pm (U.S. Eastern Standard Time).

And you missed the stream, you can still watch Rubbish to Published, the writing exercises, or the writing prompts on YouTube, or watch the full stream reruns until Twitch deletes them.

Hope to see you next time, friend!

Scott Wilson is the author of the novel Metl: The ANGEL Weapon, forthcoming November 2018.

Featured image: Hitfilm

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