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Writing Livestream! Starting tomorrow at 7:30pm (EST)

Ever since I moved to Japan, one thing that I’ve missed the most about living in the U.S. is not having a writing group.

I used to run a weekly writing workshop in Boston before I moved, and it was a great experience. Not only did I get to meet lots of local passionate writers, but we did some great collaborative exercises, and got valuable feedback from each other.

Unfortunately there aren’t many such groups in Japan, especially rural Japan where I live, and that’s something that I just kind of accepted.

Until now! It recently dawned on me that the Internet and livestreaming are both things that exist (I know, right?), so why not use them to have a live writing meetup online?

So I started by own Twitch channel, which you can access here: (Twitch is normally for streaming games, but they have a large Creative section as well where people stream art, cosplay, etc.)

I’ll be streaming a live writing workshop every Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday at 7:30pm-9:30pm (U.S. Eastern Standard Time). We’ll do basically the same stuff that we did when I was the organizer of the Boston workshop: a fun warmup, a collaborative exercise, write to a prompt, and a free share so people can get feedback on anything they’ve written (novel excerpt, short story, query, etc.).

If that sounds like something you’d enjoy, then we hope you can join us! It should be a lot of fun, and a great way to finally get some of that writing done that we’ve been procrastinating.

Hope to see you there!

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