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W.T.F. Japan: Top 15 most disturbing Japanese prefecture mascots 【Weird Top FIFTEEN】

This week for my RocketNews24 W.T.F. Japan article, I wrote about the top 15 most disturbing Japanese prefecture mascots.

Oh yes, top fifteen. When I started doing my research for this, I quickly realized that there were far too many horrifying mascot creations to limit it to only five. I could’ve divided it up into three articles, but I feel like I would’ve been selling the readers short by leaving out some of the best ones each time.

So I did what I had to do: I cranked the W.T.F. to fifteen!

To make up for the extra length, each entry is a little shorter than usual, so it didn’t end up reading like a dissertation. If you’ve never heard of Japanese prefecture mascots then you’re on for a treat, and even if you have, you may learn something about why they look the horrifying way they do.

Read the article here.

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