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Photo & Haiku Friday: Bear Mug

Every Friday I like to decorate a photo in Japan with a fresh-off-the-frontal-lobe haiku. I bribe my wife to add her own as well, so we can get as many interpretations as possible, and sometimes a Japanese one happens to float in on the wind as well.

Last week we composed beautiful words to chair socks. Here’s this week’s photo, also taken at a 100-yen store nearby our apartment:


My English haiku:
Why did I wake up?
Where is my reason to live?
Only coffee bear knows

Abbey’s English haiku:
I’m HERE, you are THERE
Please don’t touch my underwear
You perverted bear

My Japanese haiku:

(I can’t close my eyes!)
(Tell me where is “here” anyway?)
(You are in Honey Hell)

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